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  • 2012~2000
  • 1999~1993


  • January - Participated in the Paper World Frankfurt 2015
  • March - Participated in the Paper World Middle East 2015
  • May - Participated in the 117th Canton Fair
  • May – CCM( Customer Centered Management) Proclamation Ceremony
  • September - Obtained GS(Good Software) certificate for Printec Label Maker V2.0
  • December - Printec obtained CCM(Consumer Centered Management) certificate


  • January - Participated in the Paper World Frankfurt 2014
  • March - Participated in the Paper World Middle East 2014
  • July – Launched 54 kinds of Sticker Labels
  • September – Opened the Multilingual distributor’s website(Iran, Fiji, Kuwait, Singapore)
  • October – Updated “Label Maker Plus”
  • October – Launched 104 kinds of Tapes and 3 kinds of 3D curved Scissors
  • October – Launched 2 kinds of Sticky Legal Pads and 3 kinds of Gold Titanium Cutters
  • November - Opened the Multilingual distributor’s website(UAE, Hong Kong)


  • January - Participated in the Paper World Frankfurt 2013
  • February - Participated in the Paper World Middle East 2013
  • April - Participated in the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2013
  • July - Celebrations for the 20th anniversary of its foundation
  • August – New products launching show(Sticky Notes, Correction/ Glue Tapes)
  • September - Participated in the Paper World China 2013
  • September – Participated in the Office Brasil-ESCOLAR
  • September - Launched Label SW “Printec Label Maker”


  • January - Participated in the Paper World Frankfurt 2012
  • May- Participated in the Shanghai Stationery Exhibition
  • May - Awarded for the director of Small and Medium Business Administration prize on May Stationery Day


  • July- New product launching show
  • October - Participated in the Paper World China 2011


  • November – Recognized for Clean facility (Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency)
  • August - Launched "Sticky Note"
  • April - Appointed as an exclusive distributor of Kodak photo paper in Korea
  • February - Opened the Multilanguage(English, Chinese, Japanase) homepage(


  • August - Launched "No Copy", copy prevention paper
  • August - Selected as an important support project for a small and medium company
  • July - Completed taking over Taiwan’s Shinan SNP,LTD (The name changed to Buwon Advanced Coating,LTD)
  • July - Selected as a venture company
  • May – Launched "label protection keeper set"
  • April - Opened Taxonmall
  • Feb – Started business affiliation with Taxonnet


  • August – Expansion and relocation of Seoul/Gyeonggi sales headquarters and distribution center
  • August - Obtained Environmental Mark and certification
  • August – Obtained environment-friendly label
  • July – Launched Label-it (adhesive memo paper for printing use)
  • July – Launched self coating, passport photo, split photo papers, and government document file
  • July – Selected as a participant in IT/SW star company promotion project
  • Hosted by: Ministry of Knowledge and Economy and Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Center (foundation)


  • November – Awarded as a SUCCESS Design (Korean Design Promotion Center)
  • September – Launched removable, slim photo paper, color-laser photo paper
  • July – Launched Printec Label Maker
  • June – Presented training for Printec Label Maker(Seoul – Kangnam Education Center, Daejeon and Busan – Busan Education Center)
  • April – Launched magnetic paper and tattoo paper
  • March – Launched cover-up label


  • December – Acquired Innobiz accreditation for technology innovation small and medium companies (the Association of Technology Innovation of Small and Medium Companies)
  • October – participated in the 20th Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR '2006)
  • September – Renewal of CI and package
  • August – Launched AnyPro Form Maker, launched tax invoice form and OA form
  • June – Designated as a prospective exporting small and medium company by the Small and Medium Business Association
  • May – Launched pastel color, Inkjet transparent, craft, and protection films
  • April – Launched coating film
  • March – Acquired ISO 9001:2000 (quality Management) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System)


  • November – Launched AnyPro
  • October – Awarded the best company by Kookmin Bank
  • October - participated in the 19th Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR '2005)
  • September – Moved the factory (to Sungseo Industrial complex in Daegu)
  • August – Completed M&A with Buwon International Co., Ltd. (Top company in domestic hand mixer market: Doggabi Bangmangi), which was in the court receivership
  • August – Changed name to Printect Co., Ltd from Hyundai Printec Co., Ltd.
  • July – Participated in merging KSC Co., Ltd, the subsidiary


  • Participated in the 18th Korean Computer/Software Exhibition (SEK 2004)
  • Initiated OK Cashbag service (Online coupon)
  • Participated in the 18th Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR '2004)


  • Started the first web label service in Korea
  • Started online photo(OP) service (affiliation with Songhwa System Technology Co., Ltd.)
  • Completed an exporting contract to North America (started to export from January, 2003) – Started North American customer services with an English website
  • Completed to register U.S. patent for the Tape Attaching Device of Car Door Sash (Application No 09/984,375)
  • Participated in the 17th Korean Computer/Software Exhibition (SEK 2003)
  • Participated in Busan Venture Plaza & Computer/ Software Exhibition' 2003
  • Participated in the 17th Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR '2003)


  • Designated as a Technology Innovation Small and Medium Company in 2001(Task: Development of Multi-language supporting label producing system using image skin tools and mail passing modules)
  • Established KSC Co., Ltd. (as a subsidiary)
  • Participated in the 16th Korean Computer/Software Exhibition (SEK 2002)
  • Participated in the 16th Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR '2002)
  • Registered a Utility Model Patent for labeling part (Utility Model Patent Register No. 0293725)
  • Registered a Utility Model Patent for label paper structure (Utility Model Patent Register No. 0287728)
  • Revised a Korean web site and initiated online services


  • Applied patents and registered Utility Model Patent for a special JIG attaching on a three dimensional curve.
  • Registered AnyLabel for Windows Version 2000 to the Korean Software Promotion Center
  • Developed AnyLabel for Windows Version 2001
  • Awarded as the hit product (in stationery products) in the first half of 2001 by Hankook Ilbo
  • Participated in the 15th Korean Computer/Software Exhibition (SEK 2001)
  • Acquired exclusive sales right of Nichiban products for Korean Market (Newly established Nichiban product sales department)
  • Designated as a venture company (Selection Criteria: New Technology Development)
  • Participated in the 8th Busan Computer/ Software Exhibition (PUSAN SEK-2001)
  • Participated in the 15th Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR '2001)


  • Signed a contract to export OHP films to Thailand
  • Developed AnyLabel for Windows Version 2000
  • Designated as the best company by Kookmin Bank
  • Participated in the 14th Korean Computer/Software Exhibition (SEK 2000)
  • Designated as Korean agent of American Biltrite
  • Designated as a prospective exporting company by the Korea International Trade Association and the Small and Medium Business Association
  • Selected as a recommended new software by the Federation of Korean Information Industries and ETNEWS
  • Participated in the 7th Busan Computer/ Software Exhibition (PUSAN SEK-2000)
  • Participated in the 14th Seoul International Stationery Fair (SISFAIR '2000)
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