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Label Maker



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※ If operating system is Windows 7,
    please run Printec Label Maker with administrator privileges.

  • Printec Label Maker is
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Printec Label Maker is

Printec label software named “Printec Label Maker” is the exclusive one to create the various kinds of Printec labels. By various functions such as a wizard, graphic editing, DB compatibility & creation and barcode management & printing. You can easily design and print labels by the Printec Label Maker.

Printec Label Maker is

Printec Label Maker is,

Printec CD label software named “Printec CD Label Maker” is the exclusive software to create CD/DVD labels easily and simply

Major functions

  • System : supporting Windows XP / Vista / 7 32bit & 64bit
  • Recommended spec : Min. CPU 500MHz, Pentium 4
  • Serial number function
    - In case of consistent serial number increasing, the automatic numbering is available on the software without typing.
  • Postal code function
    - You can search for postal codes and insert addresses and postal codes.
  • Automatic postal code insert function
    - If you have address information, postal codes are automatically searched and generated.
  • Making a table
    - You can edit the table easily by various editing functions such as options, division & merger and color setting options.
  • Making barcodes
    - The software has a barcode creation function and supports more than 60 types of barcode such as standard barcode, UPC, EAN, code39 and etc.
  • Data list
    - Big sized data files in MS Excel can be printed easily by a convenient input and editing functions
  • Sample wizard
    - By using various label samples, you can make your own and unique labels easily and simply.
  • Various printing options
    - Support various printing options including printing blank adjustment.
  • Separate program for CD-R label
    - When “Printec Label Maker” is installed, “Printec CD Label Maker” will be installed as well.
  • Constant update
    - The Label Makers have an automatic on-line updating system

various uses

Label designing and printing

Label can be designed and printed in various sizes and designs by customer’s needs. By various functions such as graphic editing and DB compatibility, you can easily design and print general labels for mail, large of DM, parcel, logistics purpose, indexes & barcodes, and special labels for video tapes, CD/DVD covers, photo labels, and transparent labels.

Label editing and printing

Business card design

Easy editing of logos, photos, text insert as well as high resolution image support can be used for business cards, coupons, and small cards

Card design

By using various samples and clipart, you can make greeting cards, invitations, certificates, calendars, menus and picture postcards easily and simply,

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