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Currently, HausElec Doggabi Bangmangi series have approximately 70% of the total Korean hand blend market. It is one of representative steady sellers in small kitchen appliances market, sold 2.5 million products during last 15 years. We launched an innovative new product in April, 2007 in order to meet customer’s need, which is getting increased. This new products had already had the excellent design award from the Minister of Industry and Resources and the venture design award from Korean Design Promotion Center.

With highlights on hand blenders, HausElec has plenty of product portfolios, focusing on living appliances. In addition, to actively develop overseas markets, HausElec entered into Dongbang CJ Home Shopping in China, Home shopping Korea in U.S and GS Home shopping in Chongqing, China. Also, HausElec was successfully shown in Dongsam home shopping, the biggest home shopping in Taiwan.

Our vision is to be a global leading home electronics manufacturing company To achieve this goal, all staffs and management are doing their best to realize its management policies, such as quality oriented, customer oriented, research oriented and transparent management oriented policies


BUWON PS.INC (BUWON PRECISION SCIENCES CO., LTD.), which started as Taiwanese Merck Balzers in 1993, is growing to a leading company in the FPD sector. Currently, it is producing TNs for LCD and SNT ITO Coated Glasses and supplying them to European countries, Taiwan, China and Japan. In addition, it is supplying conductive films for PDP and mesh type filters to Samsung Electronics and Chinese market. Furthermore, it produces ITO Coated Glasses and Cell ITO Coated Glasses for a touch screen and supplies them to Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea. By securing electrostatic touch screen technology, it sells ITO Coated Glasses to Taiwan, China, and Korea. We have completed development of multi-coated glass for solar cells and are ready to start mass production of the products in order to prepare growth of green energy market We, BUWON PS.INC, is going to make our best efforts to be the best company meeting technology need of customers by securing the most advanced sputtering technology in the FPC sector

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