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Precausion for an installation in Window 8

Procausion for an installation in Window 7


Printec Label Maker is an easy software for new users due to the various
explanations and applications. Printec Label Maker is a convenient software
providing high-quality clip arts and sample designs. Printec Label Maker
supports the latest Window OS and MS Office perfectly and stably.


  • APrintec Label Maker is
  • Installation
  • See manual

How to install Printec Label Maker

Label Maker is suitable for making and printing labels easily and simply.

Double-click the downloaded PLMSetup.exe to run.

Click 'Next' according to an installation instruction at a screen

라벨메이커 설치에 대한 안내화면에서 다음을 클릭합니다.

Read the license agreement and then tick the “I agree with the right of using” box.
Click ‘Next’ to continue the installation.

소프트웨어 최종 사용자 사용권 계약서에 동의체크 후 다음을 클릭합니다.

Choose the Installation path that you want to install the program. Then click ‘Next’.
(Recommend the standard installation path)

프린텍 라벨메이커 설치경로를 지정후 다음을 클릭합니다. (기본경로 권장)


Click 'Next' after tick the "Create a desktop icon".

바탕 화면에 아이콘 생성을 선택하시고 다음을 클릭하세요.


Click 'Install' when ready to install, after review the setting information.
(Click 'back', if you want to change any settings)

최종 설치 준비 상태를 확인하시고, 다음을 클릭하세요. (수정이 필요하면 뒤로 버튼클릭)


Installation in process

설치가 진행됩니다.


Click 'Finish' to complete the installation of Label Maker

설치완료 화면에서 완료버튼 클릭하시면 프린텍 라벨메이커 설치가 완료됩니다.

After installation completed, a shortcut icon is generated on the wallpaper.

설치가 완료 되었습니다. 완료 버튼을 눌러주세요.

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