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Precausion for an installation in Window 8

Procausion for an installation in Window 7


Printec Label Maker is an easy software for new users due to the various
explanations and applications. Printec Label Maker is a convenient software
providing high-quality clip arts and sample designs. Printec Label Maker
supports the latest Window OS and MS Office perfectly and stably.


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Printec Label Maker

Standard Ribbon interface same with MS Office
Similar data management functions with MS Excel
Interlocking function of Google image
Free high quality clip arts over 5,600designs
Free sample templates over 2,600designs

System Requirements

OS : Win8, Win Vista, Win7, WinXP, Win2000
CPU : Pentium 4 & RAM 1G ↑
HDD : 200M ↑
Graphic : 1024x768 & 16bit ↑
Web : Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 ↑

Main functions

Windows 8 운영체제 완벽지원

Perfect support of Windows 8 OS

It perfectly supports all Window OS
such as Windows 8, Win 7,
Win Vista, Win XP, Win 2000, etc.

구글 이미지 연동 기능

Interlocking function of
Google image

Enables to make various designs by searching and applying all of Google images globaly

쉽고 편리한 데이터 작업

Easy and convenient data work

The similar functions with MS Excel
enable to manage data easily and Big
data file can be worked quickly and
stably. (Compatible with xls, xlsx,
mdb, accessdb)

고품질 클립아트(5,600개 이상), 다양한 샘플디자인 제공(2,600개 이상)

Providing high quality clip arts
over 5,600design and sample
templates over 2,600designs

Through free download of clip arts
and various sample designs,
new users can create new labels
by using clip arts and sample templates

QUICK 원격지원 서비스 & 스마트 도움말

Quick remote customer
support & Smart help

Remote customer support and Smart help
enable to use program conveniently.

Detailed functions

Various Barcode support
(Standard and QR code)
Support more than 30 types of barcodes such as standard barcode, QR code etc
Perfect file compatibility
with Anypro 2.0
Current data in Anypro 2.0 can be used at new Printec Label Maker without any
Numbering fuction In case of consistent serial number increasing, the automatic numbering is available on
the software without typing.
Table Creation Create and edit a table by various editing functions such as division & merger and
color setting options.
Data management fuction The rapid printing of mass data is available by data list creation & edition and direct
onvert of MS excel file
Sample Wizard By using various label samples, you can make your own and unique labels ealisy
and simply.
Various printing modes The software supports various printing options such as printing range selection,
printing margin setting and etc.
Support of integration
program for CD-R label
Printec Label Maker has CD-R label making functions
Periodical update Supports an automatic online updating system periodically.

Product Support

보다 쉽고 다양하게 활용하세요!

You can choose a label on your purpose such as
parcels, DM, mailings and so on. P Labels are
Eco-friendly labels using the water-base and
halmless adhesive chemical.

프린텍 Any Label

깔끔한 서류관리

You can organize files and documents
with various labels neatly . Labels help you
to increase "Time-Saving & Work-Efficiency"
Let’s start smart working with “Label Maker” !

프린텍 Any Label

업무효율 UP! 시간효율 UP!

Please create labels by "Label Maker" easily
and P Label SW help you to save your time and effort.
You don't need to create labels by hand.

프린텍 Any Label

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