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  • Avery compatibility code
  • size 210 X 297mm
  • 규격 A4
  • 원단특성 laser paper / 100g/
  • 색상/백색도 White
  • 사용용도
  • for color report/business/data
  • 포장단위 250
  • 프린터 Laser

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Untitled Document
Product use
Product features

Change printer's set-up for the best printing.
① Click [control panel]-[printer and faxes]-[printer properties]-[print options]
② Change print quality and type of paper.
Printer Quality Paper Type
EPSON Fine Photo Quality Inkjet Paper
Photo Paper
Premium Glossy Paper
HP Best Photo Quality Inkjet Paper
Photo Paper
Premium Glossy Paper
CANON High Coated Paper
Glossy Photo Paper
SAMSUNG Maximum Coated Paper
Glossy Photo Paper

- Laser printer only
- To express the best images, choose high-quality and high-grade in the printer set-up.
- Please hold paper's edge and be careful not to fold the papers.
- Use papers as soon as possible after opening the packages.
- Store remaining papers in the product pack and put them in dry places without direct light.
instructions for feeding paper

- Please fan the label sheets before loading into the feeding tray.
- It is recommended not to load more than 100 sheets of label into the printer at a time.
- If curling being occurred, please bend the sheet back to be flattened as shown in above.
- To avoid printer jams, please do not use damaged or peeled label sheets.
Precaution for printing

- For better printing quality, please clean your printer periodically.
- It can be needed to change a printing option according to the thickness and/or the type of paper.
 When you use a laser printer, it is recommended to use a manual feeding or change the paper type
 to [thick paper] or [label paper]
- When you print on [A4 full sheet paper], please precheck the printable area.
- When you print the whole area of [A4 full sheet paper],printing quality could be
 affected by the condition of label paper or the feeding ways
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