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HOME Products OA Film Laminating Pouch Film


  • Avery compatibility code
  • size 216 X 303mm
  • 규격 A4
  • 원단특성 high transparence glossy 100mic
  • 사용용도
  • poster/ID card/ name card
  • 포장단위 20/100
  • 프린터

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Untitled Document
Product use
Product features
How To Use

① Prepare film and turn on the coating machine.
② Put the paper in the proper location between films.
③ Please pass adjoined side first into the coating machine.
④ If coated faces are not even, please pass the film through once again.


- For clean coating, be careful to prevent entrance of foreign substance and please do not exceed
 optimal thickness standards. (Optimal temperature: 80~120 °c)
instructions for feeding paper

- Please fan the label sheets before loading into the feeding tray.
- It is recommended not to load more than 100 sheets of label into the printer at a time.
- If curling being occurred, please bend the sheet back to be flattened as shown in above.
- To avoid printer jams, please do not use damaged or peeled label sheets.
Precaution for printing

- For better printing quality, please clean your printer periodically.
- It can be needed to change a printing option according to the thickness and/or the type of paper.
 When you use a laser printer, it is recommended to use a manual feeding or change the paper type
 to [thick paper] or [label paper]
- When you print on [A4 full sheet paper], please precheck the printable area.
- When you print the whole area of [A4 full sheet paper],printing quality could be
 affected by the condition of label paper or the feeding ways
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