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  • Avery compatibility code
  • size 210 X 297mm
  • 규격 A4
  • 원단특성 105g/㎡
  • 색상/백색도 White
  • 사용용도
  • T-shirts/ apron/ cushion
  • 포장단위 10
  • 프린터 Inkjet

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Product use
Product features
How to use

How to print out

- Check a printing side and insert it to a printer nozzel.
- Before printing, please set the printing option to 'Reverse Image'or'Symmetry Image' in order the images
 to be printed to 'Reserved Image' or 'Symmetry Image' in order the images to be printed rightly.
- For the best image printing, please set the printing quality option to 'High quality'
Cautions on washing

- Turn over T-shirt before washing.
- When the first laundry, please launder it without other laundry with cold water
- Do not bleach, iron on the printed surface directly or squeeze by twisting.
- After washing, please dry it immediately.
- Frequent wash can cause the image damaged
- Please don't iron on the printed surface
- Nylon T-shirt is not suitable
- Children are only allowed to use it under adult's guidance.
How to transfer

- It is suitable for using cottons and soft colored fabrics.
- Please cut the printed image with 5mm margin.
- Preheat the iron without steam. (approx. 160℃)
- Clean the surface of a workable area and then, iron the wrinkles of fabrics.
 (Please don't use a normal ironing board)
- Printed image is toward T-shirt and place it rightly.
- Press it strongly for 60~90 sec. in order for edges not to fallen off from it.
 Iron time can be differed by iron pressure
 (A4 size will take approx. 90~129sec. to be ironed)
- After cooling the ironed iamges, please get rid of the back release paper carefully
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